What Trump Promised


As a 2016 candidate, Donald Trump made huge promises to American families, claiming that he’d work for them rather than wealthy donors and corporate interests.

He promised to lower drug prices and give people great health care. He claimed he’d increase wages. He boasted that factories would stop moving overseas.

Here’s the Reality


He’s siding with insurance companies to end protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He’s siding with drug companies as drug prices soar. And he passed a tax bill that gave almost all the benefits to the wealthy and big corporations that even rewarded companies for moving jobs overseas.

Broken Promises in Your State

Trump crisscrossed the country in 2016, making promises about how he’d help working families. He hasn’t delivered on any of them. See how Trump’s broken promises are hurting your state.

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National Analysis, Ohio
Rising Drug Prices
Instead of fighting drug company executives, Trump appointed them to his Cabinet.
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Trump’s Broken Promises to Michigan Families
Trump’s broken promises have serious consequences for Michigan.
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Trump’s Broken Promises to Florida Families
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